Full-Automatic Wire Flattening Machines Manufacturer

Full-Automatic Wire Flattening Machines Manufacturer

Full-Automatic Wire Flattening Machines Manufacturer from China,Metal can be rolled flat, square, rectangle, wedge, or pentagonal on this Wire Flattening Machine,A complete line of Flat and Profile Wire Rolling & Drawing machines with a tolerance of +/-0.001mm, a speed of 600m/min, and a high accuracy for each type With a rolling mill machine, you can shape round objects, polish them, coil them, and cut them into bars.

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Full-Automatic Wire Flattening Machines Manufacturer

A high-precision flat wire rolling mill

Manufacturer: Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Brand: CRM

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Performance Parameters of Full-Automatic Wire Flattening Machines Manufacturer

(1) Range of input material: 1-5.5 copper round wires.

(2) Number of round wire drawing dies: 1 die/MAX.

(3) Rolling range: Dia.180MM rolls, rolling ratio within 6, (finished product aspect ratio 6/MAX).

(4) Mechanical speed: 350RPM/Max.

(5) Range of rolled products: width 2-8MM, thickness 1-3MM.

(6) Wire drawing range: the area reduction rate is less than 25%.

(7) Number of rolling mills: 1.

(8) Drawing dies: 1 set for round wire drawing + 2 set for  flat wire drawing.

(8) Outer diameter of flat capstan: 750mm, round capstan 600mm.

(9) Die outer diameter: 40MM.

(10) Round drawing machine motor: 4KW deceleration motor and 4KW (sinusoidal) tension type inverter.

(11) motor for rolling mills: 7.5KW AC motor and 7.5KW (sinusoidal) tension type inverter, or 3KW*2 servo + reducer direct drive (sinusoidal) synchronous controller.

(12) Flat wire drawing motor: 5.5KW reducer AC motor and 5.5KW (sine) tension type inverter.

(13) The high wear-resistant tungsten steel material is precisely processed, and the roll hardness is processed by ultra-fine tungsten steel with the highest hardness HRA92.9-93.5 in China. The outer surface roughness is RA=0.012-0.025 microns, and the shaft runout is less than 0.001 mm.

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