About Us

Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2016, Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures a variety shapes of industrial wire rolling lines, universal rolling mills, cold rolling cassettes, and precision rolls. As a replacement for cold rolling mills originating in Europe, America, and Japan, the company conducts independent research and development on rolling lines for spring steel square wire, flat wire, spring wire, shaped steel wire, wedge profile wire, and so forth. With the combination of modern technology and self-made rolling and drawing, the cost of grooving and the production of shaped wires can be greatly reduced. the rolled products are highly polished, with a straightness of up to 0.5mm/m, a thickness tolerance of less than 0.005mm, and a width tolerance less than 0.005mm.


Service Commitment:

What we provide is not only equipment, but also technology and service. We provide users with free-of-charge for shaped wire proofing and hole design.

Main Products (classified by application industry):

Ferrous Metal Wire Industry:
Two-high rolling mill; symmetrical four-high rolling mill; asymmetrical four-high rolling mill; universal rolling mill; Turks head rolling mill; symmetrical four-high rolling die; asymmetric four-high rolling die; universal rolling die.

Ferrous Metal Strip Industry:
2 Hi strip rolling mill; 4 Hi Strip rolling mill; powder metallurgy strip mill; heating strip mill; band saw steel strip mill.

Non-ferrous Metal Industry:
Photovoltaic calender; Copper foil wire rolling machine; Ribbon bus bar rolling mill; Photovoltaic triangular ribbon rolling and stretching tin coating machine; New energy electric vehicle enamelled flat wire rolling and stretching machine; Lithium battery Copper foil roller mill; special-shaped silver-copper contact rolling mills; 5G T-block rolling mill; transposition wire copper conductor rolling and drawing production line; round wire reducing roll mill.

Special-shaped wire production line:
Stainless steel triangular wire rolling mill for screen/filter; special-shaped steel wire rolling mill for piston ring; stainless steel flat wire continuous rolling mill for wiper; stainless steel electric heating flat wire rolling mill; titanium-nickel memory alloy square wire rolling production line; titanium niobium superconductor Wire rolling production line; special-shaped wire stretching, polishing and cleaning production line; Z-shaped steel wire rolling mill for submarine cable armor; stainless steel wave spring flat wire continuous rolling mill; carbon steel flat wire tandem rolling mill for coil spring; metal card clothing steel wire continuous rolling mill; textile steel Reed strip tandem rolling mill.