Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines/Rolling Flat Fine Wires CRM-2024

Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines/Rolling Flat Fine Wires CRM-2024

The CRM-2024 Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines/Rolling Flat Fine Wires is a high-quality wire drawing machine series produced by Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd company. It is suitable for rolling high-speed steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel round wires into flat wires, flat square wires, and rectangular wires. It adopts imported contact-type thickness measurement detection control system, supporting annealing equipment + nitrogen protection start and stop, supporting high-precision diameter measuring instrument, which can track and adjust product quality width and thickness in real time, and the whole machine is fully closed-loop controlled. The take-up adopts a precision take-up and arranging system. The whole machine is controlled by Siemens/Beckhoff controller, touch screen, servo, etc.

Product Detail


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Wire Flattening & Shaping Lines/Rolling Flat Fine Wires






Precision Cold Rolling


Flat, Rectangle, square, Wedge, Triangle,   Profile

Size Range

Width   2.0mm-30mm



+-0.001mm or can be Customized


Suitable material: high-carbon,   medium-carbon, low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, titanium wire,   titanium nickel alloy wire, copper aluminum wire, brass wire and other     non-ferrous and ferrous.

Design Speed

30-350 m/Min

Application Industry

Automotive Wire

Press-down Model

Automatic or manual


Single stage/Tandem wire   flattening& shaping lines

Roll Details

Roll material:

tool steel, sintered metal or carbide     steel

Roll Drive

Double Serve

Roller Diameter:


Roll precision:

less than 0.001mm

Optional Devices

Pay-off Unit

Spool pay-off, Coiling pay- off unit

Take-up Unit

Customized/Spool/Coiling/ Cut-to-length

Wire guide device


Laser measuring system


Central Lubrication System


CRM Precision Rolling Mills Complete production lines for your FLAT and PROFILE WIRES

Sigle Stage Precision Rolling MillsSingle Stage Precision Rolling Mills.jpg

Single Stage Precision Rolling Mills.jpg

Tandem Wire Flattening& Shipping Lines(the below image is our 4 stand wire flattening machine)

Tandem Wire flattening and shaping Lines-CRM-2.jpg

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We are a leader in quality wire flattening and shaping machinery in China for over 10 years. Our experts take the time to design and build the right wire flattening and profile machines to fit your exact specifications and fulfill your unique production requirements. With experience building standard metal forming equipment, as well as customized metal forming machinery solutions – CRM’s product and service offerings can help increase precision & productivity for your business.

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