Rectangular Copper Wire

Rectangular Copper Wire

A good quality rectangular copper wire consists of the following,To ensure that a rectangular copper wire meets its intended application requirements, it should possess a number of characteristics. There are several factors that define a high-quality rectangular copper wire, including:
1. Purity: Copper wires should be of high purity, measured in terms of copper content percentage. For optimum performance and longevity, copper wires with a higher purity offer better electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.
2. Dimensional accuracy: The rectangular wire should have precise and consistent dimensions in accordance with the requirements. Compatibility and proper fit within the intended electrical components or systems are thus ensured.

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Rectangular Copper Wire

Rectangular Copper Wire Manufacture China

Manufacturer: Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Specification of Rolling and Drawing Lines for Rectangular Copper WIres

Composition of the production line: Flat Rolling Mills + Dancers + Side Rolling Mills + Dancers + Universal Profile Rolling Machines

Designed speed: 300 m/min

Cross section of maximum final product: 28mm2

Weight limit for take-up: 2000 kilograms

Roll size for horizontal milling: 180x80mm

Roll size for universal mills: 200mm by 25mm

Corner rounding: Based on the drawings provided by the customer

Method of roll adjustment: electric + hydraulic pressure, or manual

Material of the roll: aircraft grade tungsten carbide steel

Method of payoff: active payoff or passive payoff

Method of take-up: Fully automatic precision wire winding

Drives: Dual servo drives are used in the roll drive

System for degreasing: air knives blowing oil and scraping degreasing

Auxiliary equipment: centralized lubrication system, cooling system, and online laser measuring instrument for simultaneous measurement of width and thickness

Typical application scenario:

Installed behind your wire drawing machine. It is suitable for the production of high-precision copper flat wire, rectangular copper wires, square copper wires through the rolling process (roughly flat rolling + side rolling + high precision flat wire rolling + side rolling + universal profile rolling).

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Input material:

Copper Rod (Anaerobic or Hypoxic)

Output product:

Various types of copper wire, including copper flat wire, copper rectangular wire, copper square wire, and brass wire

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A high-quality rectangular copper wire must possess specific characteristics to meet the requirements of its intended applications. The following factors contribute to defining a superior rectangular copper wire:

Purity: The rectangular copper wire should exhibit a high level of purity, indicated by the percentage of copper content. Optimal electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance are achieved with higher purity levels, ensuring superior performance and longevity.

Dimensional Accuracy: The rectangular wire should maintain precise and consistent dimensions in accordance with the specified requirements. This guarantees compatibility and proper fit within the designated electrical components or systems.

Uniformity: The rectangular copper wire's shape and surface finish should be uniform throughout its entire length. This promotes even distribution of electrical current and minimizes the occurrence of hotspots or performance issues.

Mechanical Strength: The wire must possess the necessary strength to endure the operational conditions of its intended application. Factors such as tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to deformation and breakage contribute to its mechanical durability.

In cases where insulation or coating is required for specific applications, the rectangular copper wire should be designed to facilitate adhesion to the insulation material and maintain compatibility with it. This ensures long-term reliability and insulation integrity.

Low Impurities: The wire should contain minimal impurities, such as oxides or contaminants, that could negatively impact its electrical conductivity or mechanical properties.

Standards Compliance: A high-quality rectangular copper wire should adhere to relevant industry standards and specifications established by international organizations or regulatory authorities. Compliance with approved standards guarantees the wire meets the necessary performance and safety requirements.

It is important to note that the specific requirements for a rectangular copper wire supplier may vary depending on the intended application. Therefore, consulting the appropriate standards and specifications relevant to your specific industry or application is essential in identifying the ideal characteristics of a quality rectangular copper wire.

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