Full-Automatic Strip Rolling Machine Manufacturer

Full-Automatic Strip Rolling Machine Manufacturer

Selecting a high carbon steel strip rolling mill involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the chosen mill meets your specific requirements and production needs. Here are steps and factors to consider when making your selection:

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Full-Automatic Strip Rolling Machine Manufacturer

Strip Rolling Machine for High Carbon Steel

Manufacturer: Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Brand: CRM

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Specifications of Full-Automatic Strip Rolling Machine:

Shapes: Flat, Shaped and Round Wire

Applications: High strength wire, Masonry nails, Springs, Cutting tools, Knives

Designed speed: 300 m/min

Input Material: High Carbon Steel

Input size: Φ1-12mm

Standard Shaped Wire Size Range:

High Carbon Steels and Chrome silicon Flat and Shaped wire size range

Thickness: .010-.325”

Width: .035” – .750”

15 to 1 ratio up to .300” wide

10 to 1 ratio over .300” to .750” wide

Weight limit for take-up: 2 Ton

Roll size for wire flattening mills: 180x80mm

Roll size for Profile universal mills: 200mm by 25mm

Corner rounding: Based on the drawings provided by the customer

Method of roll adjustment: Electric + hydraulic pressure or manual

Roll material: Aircraft-grade tungsten carbide steel

Method of payoff: Fully automatic

Method of winding: Fully automatic

Drives: Dual servo drives are used in the roll drive

Degreasing system: Utilizes air knives for oil blowing and scraping degreasing

Auxiliary equipment of Full-Automatic Strip Rolling Machine: 

1.Centralized lubrication system

2. Cooling system

3. Online laser measuring instrument for simultaneous measurement of width and height

4. Straightening and cutting machine

Please note that the specifications provided above are subject to industry standards, material compatibility, and specific customer requirements.

 Composition of the production line:

Payoff Unit→ Flat Strip Rolling Mills →Dancers →Side Rolling Mills + Dancers → Universal Profile Wire Rolling Machines→ Precision Winding Unit→Straightening and cutting machine

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How does carbon steel strip differ from other steels?

As a result of their carbon content between 0.6 percent and 1.0 percent, high carbon steels are difficult to weld. In addition to being heat tolerant, high carbon steels can be easily flame hardened, making them easy to work with. The tensile strength of high carbon steels makes them ideal for products requiring strength.

How should the user select a high carbon steel strip rolling mill?

Selecting a high carbon steel strip rolling mill involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the chosen mill meets your specific requirements and production needs. Here are steps and factors to consider when making your selection:

Define Your Requirements:

Determine the types of high carbon steel strips you intend to produce (e.g., thickness, width, hardness, surface finish).

Estimate your production volume and capacity requirements.

Consider the materials you'll be processing and their specific properties (e.g., carbon content, alloying elements).

Budget and Investment:

Establish a budget for your rolling mill project, including not only the purchase cost but also installation, maintenance, and operational expenses.

Consider the long-term return on investment (ROI) and potential cost savings from using a more efficient or specialized mill.

Choose the Right Type of Rolling Mill:

There are different types of rolling mills, including two-high, four-high, and cluster mills. Select the one that suits your product and production requirements best.

Consider whether you need a hot rolling mill or a cold rolling mill, depending on your steel processing needs.

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Quality and Precision:

Ensure the mill offers the level of precision and quality required for your steel strip products. Look for mills with precision control systems and quality assurance features.

Supplier and Reputation:

Research and select a reputable rolling mill manufacturer or supplier with a proven track record of delivering reliable and high-quality equipment.

Consider factors such as after-sales support, maintenance services, and spare parts availability.

Equipment Specifications:

Examine the technical specifications of the rolling mill, including roll diameter, roll material, roll cooling methods, and drive system.

Ensure the mill can handle the specific characteristics of high carbon steel, such as its hardness and tendency to crack.

Automation and Control:

Evaluate the level of automation and control systems offered by the mill. Automation can improve efficiency, product consistency, and operator safety.

Consider the compatibility of the mill's control systems with your existing infrastructure and technology.

If you're uncertain about your selection, consider consulting experts or engineers experienced in steel rolling processes for guidance.

Choosing the right high carbon steel strip rolling mill is a significant investment, and careful consideration of these factors will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your production goals and quality standards.

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