Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures precision wire rod rolling mills. We are located in the beautiful city of Zhangjiagang, with superior transportation and 100 kilometers from Shanghai.

Our company specializes in manufacturing precision rolling mills, rolling cassettes, universal rolling mills, precision rolls, and special-shaped wire tadem rolling mill production lines for metal flat wire and shaped wire. Independent research and development of spring steel wire square wire, flat wire precision rolling mill, copper/stainless steel/high carbon steel flat wire rolling mill, copper/aluminum flat wire rolling and drawing machine, valve spring special-shaped steel wire rolling mill, PV ribbon machine. Among the equipment are a photovoltaic ribbon and tining integrated machine and a busbar machine.

The rolled products have a high surface finish, straightness up to 0.5mm/m, thickness accuracy within 0.005mm, and width tolerance within 0.005mm. At the same time, we have introduced Japanese high-precision calendaring technology, and the roundness tolerance of the precision rolls produced is less than 0.001mm. The surface finish is Ra0.02μm


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