Stainless Steel Flat Wire Making Machine From The Best China Manufacturer CRM

Stainless Steel Flat Wire Making Machine From The Best China Manufacturer CRM

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Flat Shaped Wire Stainless Steel Products manufactures high-performing flat shaped wire packaged to your requirements.  We develop and deliver precision-rolled flat shaped wire to your customized specifications for the most demanding uses. Our flat-shaped wire products are expertly engineered, skillfully manufactured, and rigidly tested to provide the performance you expect along with the features and benefits you require.

Providing The Product You Need- flat wire spring making machine

Our precision rolled flat wire is manufactured to your exacting specifications of thickness, materials, temper, edge, packaging and other key parameters:

Thickness: Range from 0.0055 inch to 0.1250 inch (0.14mm to 3.2mm)


Our precision-rolled flat wire products are available in unparalleled range of alloys and grades of materials: Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Copper, Nickel, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel,Titanium

Tempers:Range from annealed to spring temper and everything in-between.  

Edges: Natural Round, Full Round, Broken Corner, Square

The Specification of Flat Wire Making Machine

we use precision rolling mills to provide flat wire with very tight dimensions. Our flat wire is used in a number of applications including lead ribbon, voice coil winding, and microelectronic interconnections. Ribbon wire can be produced in thicknesses between 0.0002″ and 0.050″, and in widths between 0.002″ and 0.100″. Other wire sizes may also be possible to produce, depending on the material and required dimensions. Typically, a flattening ratio of up to 40:1 can be achieved while still maintaining a minimum corner radius.

Rolling mills are designed to operate dry in order to produce wire with a clean, oil-free surface, which eliminates the need for secondary cleaning processes. However, for high purity applications, both ultrasonic cleaning and chemical cleaning processes are available.Our consultants can assist customers regarding the availability of specific alloys and the ideal metal for their particular application. We carry numerous metal wire alloys including stainless steel, copper, and precious metals; that meet all applicable DFARS, REACH, and RoHs requirements. Quality testing, including tensile testing, dimensional inspection, and resistance testing, can be performed according to our certified procedures to verify conformance to customer specifications.

Wire can be processed in a range of production volumes for an array of applications throughout the defense, medical, aerospace, and electronics industries. Wire may be spooled or cut to length, as desired by the customer. All lead times are evaluated on a job by job basis. For additional information about our wire flattening capability, see the table below or contact us directly.

The Following Are Some Of Our Classic Models From Our Precision Rolling Mill Series:

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