If you find a high quality precision rolling mill for your profile



Sky Bluer covers a vast spectrum of precision cold rolling technologies. It includes 4 hi rolling mill, universal rolling mill, rolling cassettle,Turks head rolling mill,flat and profile wire rolling production line.



The final products uses in oil screen, coal washing screen, engine piston rings, die springs, locks, clutches, medical equipment, pneumatic tools, glasses parts, handlebars, watch bands, electrical parts, clothing mechanical parts, etc…



we obtained and strictly implements ISO 9001: 2000. with our motto “Wire Rolling Evolution Taken Further” we express our promise to gain the customer’s trust with the technology and service that aim for perfection and evolve with the frequent market changes.

Wide Range Shapes

Round wires &strips are rolled flat and/or a profile is created. During the process, the wire is rolled in several stages both horizontally (edge processing) and vertically. A huge range of different profile shapes can be produced.

Guaranteed Tolerance

providing the tightest geometric tolerances with dependability, integrity and value

Highly Customizable

CRM precision profile wire rolling mills designed to your specifications.

Top Performance

Suitable for full range of optional winding systems, laser gauges,variable speed range,different type of lubrication and etc.


Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co. Ltd ( Brand CRM ) is manufacture specialized in high precision cold rolling mills and systems for metal shaping, which mainly includes cassette roller dies, Turk heads,universal rolling mill,flat and profile wire rolling production lines, We have independently R&D rectangular wire and profile rolling and drawing production to replace brand Europe/USA/Japan cold rolling mills.
CRM rolling mill, it guarantees for the most cost-saving of your products. better quality in evenness and finishing, the straightness up to 0.5mm/m, thickness and width tolerance can be accurate down to within 0.005mm.
Active introduction of Brand Japan small high-precision roll processing and grinding technology, the roundness tolerance is less than 0.001mm., finishing is 0.02μm.

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