Wedge Wire Screen Welding Machine for Filtration

Wedge Wire Screen Welding Machine for Filtration

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Wedge wire screens have been around for more than a century for good reason. They offer a number of critical benefits over other conventional screening options like wire mesh and perforated plate.
1) Wedge wire cylindrical screen has continuous slot, maximizing flow area and so increasing operating efficiencies and reducing downtime.
2) High strength: Precion-welded at each rod and wire intersection for superior strength.
3) Plug-resistant: with an inwardly enlarging slot, particles are far less prone to plugging as compared to plate and mesh combinations.
4) Increased production: With an continuous slot design, screen open area is maximized for reduced head loss and greater efficiency and throughput in media retention and filtration applications.
5) Wedge wire screens are highly durable, long-lasting option for critical screening tasks owing to its rigid and high-strength design.

Description Of Wedge Wire Screen Machine:
Wedge wire cylindrical screen machine is just for producing above special screen tubes. With different toolings, different diameter screen tubes can be produced.

Main Features Of Wedge Wire Screen Machine:

-- Two-axle CNC control, servo motor drive, high welding precision;
-- Two working methods: manual & auto
-- Very strong self-diagonsing function, displaying any mis-operation alarms.

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