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  • October 31, 2022
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How to deal with specific problems in rolling mill applications?
At present, new model CRM wire rolling mill equipment is an essential component in strip processing. Its road roller can improve the movement of the steel strip and the flatness of the cold rolls, thereby improving the efficiency of the use of the rolls, thereby increasing the service life of the rolls. However, in specific applications, the roller equipment is generally equipped with vicious oil seepage and pipe blocking compensation oil. At present, the reasons for common failures are closely combined with the basic principles of actual operation.
Due to the actual operation of the radial connection of the rolls, the steel joints are generated according to the actual operation of the rolls for maintenance, and the position sensor is installed on the winding roll to accurately measure the actual operation of the left and right rolls, which can improve the appearance of the strip. When it [...]

  • October 30, 2022
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Common problems and solutions of precision rolling mills:
Abnormal phenomenon: strip rolling mill vibration, slip

  1. Precision Rolling mill roll system, motor failure
  2. Friction change
  3. Excessive lubrication
    Method of exclusion:
  4. Check the roller drive system and motor system.
  5. Check the emulsion concentration and saponification value (miscellaneous oil content)
  6. Check the surface roughness of the rollers
  7. Control the processing rate
  8. Check the surface condition of raw materials
    Abnormal phenomenon: board surface oil, scratches, sticking board, sticking roller, bursting roller
  9. Insufficient lubrication
  10. The roll is partially scratched, fluffed or foreign matter enters
  11. The roll is fatigued or not preheated
  12. The temperature of the emulsion is too high and the local heat is generated
  13. Poor plate shape and excessive local stress
    Method of exclusion:
  14. Check the emulsion concentration, saponification value, PH value, iron, ash content and temperature
  15. Check or replace the rolls and remove foreign objects.
  16. Preheating rolls, quantitative replacement
  17. Check the emulsion nozzle, the pressure
  18. Control panel type
    Abnormal phenomenon: bad shape (medium wave)
  19. Insufficient cooling
  20. Poor roll design and poor stringing
  21. The rolling force is too small
    Method of exclusion:
  22. Check the emulsion temperature [...]
  • October 29, 2022
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Copper Wire Drawing Machine for Large / Intermediate / Fine Aluminum / Copper Wire Drawing Machine for Rod Breakdown Machine

Enameled round wire
Conductor specification range:
Copper round wire conductor size: diameter 0.63 ~ 8.00 mm
Aluminum round wire conductor size: diameter 1.00 ~ 8.00 mm
Film thickness: thin film, thick film or thick film

brand CRM Enamelled flat wire rolling Equipment introduction
Enamelled flat wire has the characteristics of thin insulation layer, high insulation strength, good flexibility and smooth surface. It is widely used in distribution transformers, various generators, motor windings and various electrical equipment.
In order to improve the corona resistance and impulse voltage resistance of wind turbines, variable frequency motors and traction motor windings, corona-resistant enameled flat wires can be selected.
Tongli Electric specializes in the production of copper and aluminum conductor enameled flat wire series products, with an annual production capacity of 14,000 tons of flat wire, using a variety of painting processes, combined with the quality control experience accumulated by Tongli Electric for many years, the comprehensive indicators of the products are excellent. Ideal for making all kinds of high-end motor and electrical equipment windings.
★Superior performance
★Complete variety
★ Wide range of uses


Conductor specification range:
Thickness 0.80~5.60mm
Width 2.00~18.00 mm
Paint film thickness range: 0.08~0.20 mm
Breakdown voltage range: 3000V~5000V

The precision of the CRM cold rolling mill can reach 0.001mm, and the adjustment is simple and convenient. Any rectangle and other irregular shapes within 1mm~10mm can be rolled. Titanium wire high-precision four-high cold rolling mill, carbon steel high-precision four-high cold rolling mill, 65Mn spring special-shaped four-high cold rolling mill, copper wire four-high cold rolling mill, aluminum wire high-precision four-high cold rolling mill is the realization of metal rolling. Process equipment generally refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of cold rolling material production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment and auxiliary equipment.

Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. mainly produces: wire rod precision active four-high rolling mill, precision two-high rolling mill, special-shaped wire rod rolling mill, roll-die double-drive traction drawing machine, straightening machine, hollow coil precision winding machine, I-wheel Non-standard wire rod special equipment such as precision winding machine, H-beam welding wire pay-off frame and wire auxiliary accessories. In 2001, [...]

  • October 24, 2022
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How to better control the use of rolling mill equipment?
Practical thin wire rolling mill, which can improve the quality of the steel plate finish, it can reduce the friction of the bearing, increase its service life, and effectively dissipate the heat of the gear, it can also reduce the weight of the protective casing, while improving the resistance and sound insulation of the protective casing , and provide a better perspective of use, in the automatic high-precision wire and strip cold rolling thickness control technology, foreign countries have reached a high level, how to control the use of equipment?
Nowadays, some achievements have been made in this field in China, but there is still a gap compared with developed countries. Therefore, professional equipment manufacturers have studied the influence of the thickness of the oil film coil. According to the change of the relative thickness of the oil film, the cold compensation control rolling mill has been [...]

CRM Alloy wire rod special-shaped wire precision rolling mill
This machine is suitable for rolling and processing of copper flat wire, brass flat wire, copper-clad steel flat wire, stainless steel flat wire and other flat wire rods, special-shaped wire rods and square wire rods. Track and automatically adjust the technical parameters of product quality at any time

  • October 22, 2022
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Wire Rolling Mill 600m/Min

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