CRM rolling mills service customers world-wide!


Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd,Focus on the production of various precision metal profile cold rolling mills,All the precision cold rolling mills from our factory has advanced technology and strong practicability, especially the universal profile rolling mill adopts German technology, which is well received by customers.

All parts on the CRM Rolling mill uses the latest technology when developing dependable and precision rolling mills. Each product is completely to our client’s specific needs. we have been processed internally by the company, which not only reduces the cost and ensures the quality, but also Shortened delivery time.

We shall  take full responsibility for our system producing your products in the quantity and quality that you require.


  • Providing the tightest geometric tolerances with dependability, integrity and value.
  • Integrated inventory profile rolling system
  • Rolls quick to change
  • One year warranty (except for wearing parts)
  • All equipment supports remote operation.
  • Technical customer service 24 hours response
  • Fully responsive and ready for all precision rolling devices

Our Featured Services

Easily Layout Your Detailed Services

Highly Customizable

CRM precision profile wire rolling mills designed to your specifications.

Guaranteed Tolerance

providing the tightest geometric tolerances with dependability, integrity and value

Stable Structure

CRM commitment to exceeding client expectations is matched only by our commitment to keeping our people, processes and stable precision rolling mill equipment the best in the world.

Wide Range Shapes

Round wires &strips are rolled flat and/or a profile is created. During the process, the wire is rolled in several stages both horizontally (edge processing) and vertically. A huge range of different profile shapes can be produced.

Easy To Work With

Suitable for full range of optional winding systems, laser gauges,variable speed range,different type of lubrication and etc.

Factory Outlet

As a manufacturer of innovative high-tech Precision Rolling and drawing machines, CRM Rolling designs custom rolling mills for producing precision profiles with a wide range of profile.

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